B2C and B2B E-commerce: Difference and Similarities in 2024

What is E-Commerce?

Usually, commercial transactions conducted on the internet with a purpose to purchase goods electronically is called e-commerce.

Trading goods and services over the internet became so popular and common these days that we could not imagine our lives without searching on the phone or computer for a some thing that you intend to buy. This is quite a big part of our lives now. So, the numbers shows that the growth of the e-commerce sales during the sales decade soared and set a new standarts for bussiness – you are either on the internet or you are lost.

Why It Is Important?

Customers like these things:

Simplicity and Comfort – customers can have any products from all over the world at their fingertips, buy it immidiatelly.

Saving Money and Time – everything you need is online 24/7/365 and you choosing when to buy.

Detailed information – ussually bussinesses give all detailed information in order the customer get a chance to decide easily.

For bussinesses it is good, because they can:

Lower their costs – you do not need to run a store to start a bussiness.

Use Affordable Marketing (and change it frequently, according to data) – there is no need to have a printed catalogue, customers like digital content.

Collect Data abaout Customer Habits – every e-commerce storte has analytics connected and tracking customer actions in order to understant what they want and thus adapting their bussiness to this behaviour.

Reaching New Customers – having a e-commerce store means your bussiness is spreading a word or two and introduces it the world, where a lot of customers might want what you have to offer.

Ecommerce Growth Over the Last Decade

In 2010, less than 5% of retail sales happened online. During this decade of eCommerce growth, that number more than tripled to 18%. Much of that growth happened in 2020, when eCommerce sales increased by 44%. ECommerce growth may slow, but the share of retail sales that moved online will continue to go up, not down.

U.S. eCommerce sales grew by a factor of five. Worldwide, eCommerce growth has been even more striking. Since 2010, global eCommerce sales have increased by nearly 800%.

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